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ハグリッドの独特の訛り(アクセント)については、作者のJ.K.ローリングさんがBBCの子供向け番組 「ブルーピーター」の中でこのように答えています。

Blue Peter presenters: … what accent is Hagrid supposed to speak in?
JKR: West country … where I come from, I come from the West country.
Interview transcript (partial), Blue Peter (cBBC), 12 March, 2001




ハグリッド語 標準語
abou’ about
an’ and
aren’ aren’t
ar yes
beau’iful beautiful
be’er better
bein’ being
bes’ best
bin been
bindin’ binding
’bout about
can’ can’t
‘cept except
chasin’ chasing
closer’n closer than
comin’ coming
couldn’ couldn’t
‘course of course
cuppa cup of tea
didn’ didn’t
doesn’ doesn’t
doin’ doing
don’ doesn’t
don’ don’t
dunno don’t know
d’you do you
’em them
evenin’ evening
ev’ryone everyone
feelin’ feeling
fer for
firs’ first
gettin’ getting
gettin’ getting
givin’ giving
goin’ going
good’un good one
gotta got to
hasn’ hasn’t
‘im him
inter into
int’rested interested
jus just
kinda kind of
lemme let me
los’ lost
lyin’ lying
makin’ making
me my
meself myself
mighta might have
mightn’ mightn’t
mus’ must
musta must have
mustn’ mustn’t
‘n than
nah no
nex’ next
nothin’ nothing
o’ of
on’y only
outta out of
readin’ reading
righ’ right
‘s it’s
shouldn’ shouldn’t
shouldn’ta shouldn’t have
shuttin’ shutting
‘smatter of fact as a matter of fact
sneakin’ sneaking
‘snot it’s not
‘spect expect
stayin’ staying
summat something
ta thank you
talkin’ talking
ter to
tha’ that
tha’s that’s
trainin’ training
turnin’ turning
two’d two would
us me
visitin’ visiting
wan’ want
wasn’ wasn’t
wha’ what
won’ won’t
yeh you
yer your
yeh’re you’re